Intrarea României în a doua modernitate. Potenţialul de convergenţă / Romania’s Accession to Second Modernity. Potential of Convergence


Marin Dinu
Profesor universitar doctor
Cristian Socol
Lector universitar doctor
Academia de Studii Economice Bucureşti

Abstract. This paper analyses Romanian economy facing with European integration process at 2007. The Romanian economy advanced the development prudent macroeconomics policies and implement structural reforms in the market for goods, labor and financial products. We identify in this study the principal conditionalities for the admittance in European Union. The nominal and real convergence must be touched faster because this process supposes stability prices, the financial soundness indicators, the need to stabilize exchange rate. In addition, the real convergence with European Union is very important. First, we analyze the strategic errors of the Romanian authorities in transition period. Second, our study focuses on current challenges and makes suggestions for change the modernization process. Can Romanian economy obtain a grow faster convergence? Is the strategy of Romanian economy optimal?

REL  3B,  8M,  19I

Articol publicat în Revista de Economie Teoretică şi Aplicată, nr. 4, Editura Economică, iunie, 2006


  • Academia Română
  • BNR
  • ASE
  • INCE
  • IEN